About Explorers Travel Network

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Diana Patterson’s personal experience in the Travel Network Industry can guide and provide that extra indulgence for you to find the right trip, vacation, tour, cruise, retreat, escape, break or even the rest and relaxation you seek.

She has created the ultimate Travel Booking and Travel Guide site with you the Explorer in mind.

Experience travel opportunities for Singles or Family or how about Adventure, Luxury, Diving and GLBT Packages.  Plus, you will find a wide-range of Specialty Travel Packages from Boutique Suppliers. ETN believes you are unique and special and we have the package you’re looking for.

Visit our Travel Writer’s Forum to learn more about all of our one-of-a-kind tours and even dig up inside information about taking the trip of your dreams.

If you are looking to study abroad; want a comfortable vacation rental; a relaxing sailing charter; or a stimulating Honeymoon escape seek no further than ETN.

Capture your holiday destination or your place away from home - a haven or hideaway retreat - by reviewing all of our travel plans through, ezines, articles, videos, ebooks and many other travel magazine-like resources.

Whether you choose to get away for a quick three-day jaunt or for more than sixty-four days, Cruises, Shore Excursions and Ground Tours, World Tours and Trans Atlantic Crossings are available at discount.  Whether you’re traveling alone or within a Group you will always experience greater savings with Explorers Travel Network’s group travel package pricing.

Have you ever envisioned taking off in your own private jet for a flight of the imagination? You can pencil that dream into your schedule at ETN, quickly, easily and immediately.

Your dream of visiting various countries, regions and locales becomes reality with our uncomplicated navigating website menus, videos, articles and local resources for the picturesque place of your particular interests.

Explorers Travel Network offers experience and know-how: the owner is a lifelong Traveler and has lived and worked in many of the areas available for booking at the site.

Worry-free, fun-filled and total relaxation is her life-time quest for you and every Explorer at heart.  Her love and knowledge of traveling throughout the World for over 30 years brings to you the blessings all contained in one online Internet Travel Network website experience found only at www.explorers-travel-network.com.  Come join the ETN Family.